Full Unlock for Lumia 710 & 800 see step by step


Requires an unlocked bootloader (a.k.a. qualcomm development bootloader).
Easy to check: Turn the phone OFF, then press and hold VOLUME UP + POWER until you notice a short vibration. Plug in to the computer. If the phone turns up in disk mode (USB Mass Storage Device), then you have an unlocked bootloader. IF you're in Windows, it will ask if you want to format the disk. SAY NO OR IT WILL EXPLODE (it won't explode but you might break it)
If the device detected by the computer is Nokia DLOAD you have a locked bootloader and you're out of luck, at least for now.
but it's more involved to find the appropiate partition:
dd if=./os-new.nb of=/dev/sdX9
Where X is the disk detected by your linux distribution.
After that, you'll need to hard reset the phone. Hold Power button for 10 seconds to exit Qualcomm's disk mode, and press and hold POWER+VOLUMEDOWN+CAMERA until you feel the phone vibrate. After that, RELEASE power button but KEEP HOLDING volume down + camera for five or more seconds. This will trigger the hard reset.

Lumia 800: Full Unlock
sdb3.rar: Flash it to PARTITION #3. It contains 12070's amss & adsp. Not absolutely required but if you have an older version this should give you better battery life.
As always, flash it to PARTITION #9.
Part1: os-new.part1.rar
Part2: os-new.part2.rar
Part3: os-new.part3.rar
Part4: os-new.part4.rar

Alternate ROM with Full Unlock + Some apps:
Part1: FU_12070_with_apps.part1.rar
Part2: FU_12070_with_apps.part2.rar
Part3: FU_12070_with_apps.part3.rar
Part4: FU_12070_with_apps.part4.rar
Apps preinstalled:
DS Supertool
File Deployer
Metro Theme
WM Device Center
WP7 Root Tool

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